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6 Favourite pictures (2nd Edition)

Gary Barlow → Asked by anonymous

1. I loved you when you came out, you look like a popstar, a great image, a great personality…. but then the voice started.

2. (to an auditionee who had sung Irreplaceable by Beyoncé): I wish you would go to the left, to the left, and keep on going to the left until you’re off the stage.

3. “You’re everything this competition doesn’t need. You’ve come on with this look and dyed your hair and it’s because you have no talent at all.”

4. In minutes and seconds how long did you spend rehearsing that? Or was that performance the rehearsal?

5. There was nothing original, it was just quite an average audition. I don’t feel like I’m in the presence of a popstar

Gary Barlow on The X Factor! Top 5 Favourite Comments! So Far

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Take That interview by Mark Firth

Take That are about to wow London on their biggest and boldest tour yet, arriving at Wembley Stadium on June 30 2011 for eight shows. But will this tour also be their last? Time Out’s editor corners them in Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium to find out…

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Take That Progress tour Sunderland 28/5/11


Take That Progress tour Sunderland 28/5/11

Take That | The Flood [x]

Take That | The Flood [x]

Gary to someone who sang a Beyonce song at Xfactor: “I wish you went to the left, to the left… and kept going on going left until you were off the stage.”